My St. Mike’s


Home Groups

Wednesday 7:30- 9:30PM the Village | Wednesday 7:30- 9:30PM Weltevreden Park |Thursday 10AM West Lake Weltevreden Park

Our life groups happen once a week and are conducted at members homes. Come and join us to strengthen your faith, share your feelings and ask those difficult questions – like why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? Make new friends and learn together.

Marilyn & John Cairns (The Village) – 072 770 4297

Ross & Barbra Richards (Weltevreden Park) – 082 825 4058

Wendy Hasluck (Weltevreden Park) – 072 116 8135

Peter Tholoe (House of Joshua) – 082 457 9041

Healey & Norval Group (Sundowner) – 077 795 1272


Join hands and follow the path that leads to the Lord…

Youth Group

Kidz Inc.

Allow your children to experience the colour that God brings to our lives in Kidz Inc. – Kids in Christ.

We teach children aged 3 – 13 the word of God, and positive values like respect of themselves, others and all of God’s creations.

Sunday morning, during the 9:30 am service.

Youth Group

Allow the youth to be guided to achieve spiritual growth and join in with church activities.

Aimed at young high school students who have started their journey of trying to discover God.

We do Bible studies, share fellowship and worship together.

Sunday morning, during the 9:30 am service.

Retiree Group

Feel apart of something, help us to address the matters that are specifically related to our elderly congratulation as well as our neighboring retirement village.

We have many activities both fun and serious to help you live as a member of St. Mikes perish.

Join our two very special tea parties, that we hold throughout the year, with funds raised from our cake sales.

We also have serious meetings where we discuss being money wise and how to create and keep important documents.

Join us for our meetings and our social outings and events.

Coming Together

Here at St. Mike’s we have an area for all our parish members to commit and grow within the church

Thursday Morning Craft Group

With prayers, reading and various crafting activities we strengthen our relationship with others as well as God.

Support Groups

If you feel like you should spend your time helping other and providing emotional support, why not join one of our many support groups.