St. Mike’s Children and Youth


Kidz Inc (Sunday School)

Fam Youth (Teen Church)

Friday evening youth

Fam Youth

Youth Home Brew

Youth Home Brew Devotional Podcast.


Teen Church.

Allow the youth to be guided to achieve spiritual growth and join in with church activities.

Aimed at young high school students who have started their journey of trying to discover God.

We do Bible studies, share fellowship and worship together.

Sunday morning, during the 9:30 am service.

Kidz Inc

God Ed.

Watch the latest videos to help you and your children through the Sunday school Material. Updated every Sunday Morning.

Download the latest Sunday school Material.
Sunday school curriculum 2nd quarter 2020
Kidz Inc.

Allow your children to experience the colour that God brings to our lives in Kidz Inc. – Kids in Christ.

We teach children aged 3 – 13 the word of God, and positive values like respect of themselves, others and all of God’s creations.

Sunday morning, during the 9:30 am service.

Friday Evening Youth

Grades 1-7 | Fridays 4:30- 7:30PM Church Hall

Our Friday evening youth group is constantly looking for volunteer parents to help out each Friday.

Our Friday evening youth group for all primary school aged children happens every Friday during public school terms and takes a hiatus during the holidays.


Join hands and follow the path that leads to the Lord…